Cowlitz County Small Works Roster Application
Cowlitz County is pleased to announce the 2015 opening of the Shared Small Works Roster. The roster is used by Cowlitz County and other public agencies for some construction projects under $200,000 in estimated total value. Shared Small Works Roster protocol requires contractors to register for specific specialties. When a project is bid through the roster The County will attempt to get at least three quotes from contractors registered in a specific specialty. The County will determine what specialty a project falls under. Contractors may register for multiple specialties. Contractors solicited for bids through the process will be rotated in compliance with RCW 39.04. The lowest responsive and responsible bidder is selected.

Projects may require Performance and Payment Bonds or Retainage in the amount of 5% of the pre-tax amount. These requirements may be waived for projects under $35,000 at the option of the agency. The lowest responsive and responsible bidder is selected. Please complete and submit this online application. All Small Works Roster applications expire annually on the 16th of July each year. Contractors may reapply by entering a new application online on or after the 17th of July annually. Periodic review of specialties and renewal of the Small Works Roster registration is the responsibility of the contractor. Applications that are not accepted shall be discarded by Cowlitz County. Companies may submit a new application at a later date.

Cowlitz County seeks only those firms that meet the qualifications below:
  • Must be able to obtain specified insurance (below).
  • Must hold a State of Washington contractor license at the time of application and throughout enlistment on the roster.
  • Must be registered at time of registration with Washington State Department of Revenue, Labor and Industries and Employment Securities.
  • Must not be disqualified from bidding on the list maintained by the Department of Labor and Industries.

Prevailing wages are required on every public work project. Costs to file prevailing wage statements with the State of Washington Labor and Industries department are borne by the Contractor. Prevailing wage forms for the prime contractor and all sub-contractors must be received by the agency before invoice payments can be made.

Cowlitz County requires proof of insurance to be submitted within 5 business days of bid award as follows:
  • General liability insurance of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence.
  • $1,000,000 aggregate, Combined Single Limit (CSL).
  • Automobile liability of at least $1,000,000 per accident CSL.
  • The Public Agency must be named as an Additional Named Insured.
Thank you for your interest.
If you have questions or require changes to your active registration, call the Purchasing Manager at (360) 577-3065 or email to

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